Publications – 2010


Realistic skin movement for character animation

Skin movement modeling is a crucial element for realistic animation of both human and creature characters. In this paper, we are primarily concerned with a special skin movement effect, skin sliding. Although physical properties, such as skin elasticity, are usually regarded important in physical simulation, it often leads to an […]
By : jzhang | Sep 13, 2017

Fast surface modelling using a 6th Order PDE

In this paper, we present a new method to improve the efficiency of physics-based surface modeling which creates and manipulates surfaces through physics-based curve deformations. The proposed physics-based mathematical model of curve deformations consists of a vector-valued fourth order ordinary differential equation and boundary constraints. An efficient finite difference solution […]
By : jzhang | Aug 13, 2017

Shape manipulation using physically based wire deformations

This paper develops an efficient, physically based shape manipulation technique. It defines a 3D model with profile curves, and uses spine curves generated from the profile curves to control the motion and global shape of 3D models. Profile and spine curves are changed into profile and spine wires by specifying […]
By : jzhang | Feb 11, 2017