Blending using ODE swept surfaces with shape control and C1 continuity

Surface blending with tangential continuity is most widely applied in computer aided design, manufacturing systems, and geometric modeling. In this paper, we propose a new blending method to effectively control the shape of blending surfaces, which can also satisfy the blending constraints of tangent continuity exactly. This new blending method is based on the concept […]

Locomotion Skills for Insects with Sample-based Controller

Natural-looking insect animation is very difficult to simulate. The fast movement and small scale of insects often challenge the standard motion capture techniques. As for the manual key-framing or physics-driven methods, significant amounts of time and efforts are necessary due to the delicate structure of the insect, which prevents practical applications. In this paper, we […]

Fast individual facial animation framework based on motion capture data

Based upon motion capture, a semi-automatic technique for fast facial animation was implemented. While capturing the facial expressions from a performer, a camera was used to record her/his front face as a texture map. The radial basis function (RBF) technique was utilized to deform a generic facial model and the texture was remapped to generate […]