Student Research Projects

As Principle Investigator, Prof Zhang has brought in 10 million pounds (GBP) of research grants to the NCCA from the EPSRC, AHRC, EU FP7 and EU H2020 as well as other funding organisations. His research focuses on a number of topics relating to 3D computer animation, virtual human modelling and simulation, and physics-based animation. He is also interested in virtual reality, medical visualisation and simulation, and conversational AI.

National Research Centre Student Research Projects Projects

Phantom Touch phenomenon as a manifestation of the Visual-AuditoryTactile Synaesthesia and its impact on the users in virtual reality

3d content creation exploiting 2d character animation

2.5D scene reconstruction from monocular images

Virtual Reality Based Surgery Simulation

Fast Multiple-fluid Simulation

Yoga Training in Immersive Environment

3D scene reconstruction using 3D Gaussian Splatting

Personalized Anatomical Skeleton Inference from Monocular inputs

Real-time Speech Emotion Recognition system in VR