Category: 2020

De-smokeGCN: Generative Cooperative Networks for Joint Surgical Smoke Detection and Removal

Surgical smoke removal algorithms can improve the quality of intra-operative imaging and reduce hazards in image-guided surgery, a highly desirable post-process for many clinical applications. These algorithms also enable effective computer vision tasks for future robotic surgery. In this paper, we present a new unsupervised learning framework for high-quality pixel-wise […]

Bas-relief modelling from enriched detail and geometry with deep normal transfer

Detail-and-geometry richness is essential to bas-relief modelling. However, existing image-based and model-based bas-relief modelling techniques commonly suffer from detail monotony or geometry loss. In this paper, we introduce a new bas-relief modelling framework for detail abundance with visual attention based mask generation and geometry preservation, which benefits from our two […]

Nonlinear Spring-Mass-Damper Modeling and Parameter Estimation of Train Frontal Crash Using CLGAN Model

Due to the complexity of a train crash, it is a challenging process to describe and estimate mathematically. Although different mathematical models have been developed, it is still difficult to balance the complexity of models and the accuracy of estimation ,is paper proposes a nonlinear spring-mass-damper model of train frontal […]