Day: September 13, 2017

Automatic Cage Construction for Retargeted Muscle Fitting

The animation of realistic characters necessitates the construction of complicated anatomical structures such as muscles, which allow subtle shape variation of the character’s outer surface to be displayed believably. Unfortunately despite numerous efforts, the modelling of muscle structures is still left for an animator who has to painstakingly build up […]

Image-based Hair Pre-Processing for Art Creation A Case Study of Bas-Relief Modelling

To better capture the shapes as well as the rich dynamics of hair, image based modelling techniques have been developed for reconstructing their 3D geometry and important visual features. Most hair images contain inevitable noises which impair reconstructed hair models. Therefore we propose to pre-process hair images and provide an […]

Locomotion Skills for Insects with Sample-based Controller

Natural-looking insect animation is very difficult to simulate. The fast movement and small scale of insects often challenge the standard motion capture techniques. As for the manual key-framing or physics-driven methods, significant amounts of time and efforts are necessary due to the delicate structure of the insect, which prevents practical […]

Advanced ordinary differential equation based head modelling for Chinese marionette art preservation

Puppetry has been a popular art form for many centuries in different cultures, which becomes a valuable and fascinating heritage assert. Traditional Chinese marionette art with over 2000 years history is one of the most representative forms offering a mixture of stage performance of singing, dancing, music, poetry, opera, story narrative […]

Hand gesture-based interactive puppetry system to assist storytelling for children

The Author(s)Digital techniques have been used to assist narrative and storytelling, especially in many pedagogical practices. With the rapid development of HCI techniques, saturated with digital media in their daily lives, young children, demands more interactive learning methods and meaningful immersive learning experiences. In this paper, we propose a novel […]

Dynamic skin deformation using finite difference solutions for character animation

We present a new skin deformation method to create dynamic skin deformations in this paper. The core elements of our approach are a dynamic deformation model, an efficient data-driven finite difference solution, and a curve-based representation of 3D models. We first reconstruct skin deformation models at different poses from the […]