Computer Graphics and Visualisation Research Group (CGVRG) at the National Centre for Computer Animation (NCCA), Bournemouth University, UK. The central focus of this group is to work in collaboration with the entertainment industry (both film and games) to develop new algorithms and techniques to answer long standing problems in computer modeling and animation in order to liberate animators from time consuming and costly manual operations. We are also interested in applications of these techniques which impact on the whole of society by way of a number of interdisciplinary projects.


Academic Staff;
Prof Jian J Zhang,  Dr Lihua You, Dr Jian Chang,  Dr  Richard Southern, Dr  Xiaosong Yang, Dr Zhidong Xiao, Dr Hongchuan Yu, Dr Hui Liang

PhD Students;
Shihui Guo, Wenshu Zhang, Shujie Deng, Min Jiang, Shaojun Bian, Dan Song, Shuang Liu, Kun Qian, Zhao Wang, Yipeng Qin, Paras Salunkhe, Tao Yang, Jose Fonseca, Yunfei Fu,
Ehtzaz Chaudhry, Guangwei Wang, Anzong Zheng

Our research group is involved in a number of projects associated with the creation, animation and interaction with Virtual Humans in a variety of applications. Creating Virtual Humans relates to the process by which digital tools are employed to design realistic characters used in a variety of applications, and includes the design of geometry, texture and clothing.The Animation of Virtual Humans is critical for many applications, and challenging for even skilled users to emulate realism. We present our work in providing tools which improve the process of various aspects of human animation. Finally, we also present a variety of Applications which we have developed, often in collaboration with practitioners from Medical or Psychology disciplines, or through Entertainment Industry partners, for example: Collaboration with medical doctors in development of a Surgical Training System. Working with behavioural psychologists in developing a Virtual Reality application to increase our understanding of the phenomenon known as the Bystander Effect.