Tag: 3D Modelling

Nonlinear Spring-Mass-Damper Modeling and Parameter Estimation of Train Frontal Crash Using CLGAN Model

Due to the complexity of a train crash, it is a challenging process to describe and estimate mathematically. Although different mathematical models have been developed, it is still difficult to balance the complexity of models and the accuracy of estimation ,is paper proposes a nonlinear spring-mass-damper model of train frontal […]

Semantic Modeling of Indoor Scenes with Support Inference from a Single Photograph

We present an automatic approach for semantic modeling of indoor scenes based on a single photograph, instead of relying on RGB-D cam- eras. Without using hand-crafted features, we guide indoor scene modeling with feature maps extracted by Fully Convolutional Networks (FCNs). Three parallel FCNs are adopted to generate object instance […]

Advanced ordinary differential equation based head modelling for Chinese marionette art preservation

Puppetry has been a popular art form for many centuries in different cultures, which becomes a valuable and fascinating heritage assert. Traditional Chinese marionette art with over 2000 years history is one of the most representative forms offering a mixture of stage performance of singing, dancing, music, poetry, opera, story narrative […]

Efficient semi-supervised multiple feature fusion with out-of-sample extension for 3D model retrieval

Multiple visual features have been proposed and used in 3-dimensional (3D) model retrieval in recent years. Since each visual feature reflects a unique characteristic about the model, they have unequal discriminative power with respect to a specific category of 3D model, and they are complementary to each other in model […]

Fast surface modelling using a 6th Order PDE

In this paper, we present a new method to improve the efficiency of physics-based surface modeling which creates and manipulates surfaces through physics-based curve deformations. The proposed physics-based mathematical model of curve deformations consists of a vector-valued fourth order ordinary differential equation and boundary constraints. An efficient finite difference solution […]