Tag: Character Animation

Efficient and realistic character animation through analytical physics-based skin deformation

Physics-based skin deformation methods can greatly improve the realism of character animation, but require non- trivial training, intensive manual intervention, and heavy numerical calculations. Due to these limitations, it is generally time-consuming to implement them, and difficult to achieve a high runtime efficiency. In order to tackle the above limitations […]

Automatic Cage Construction for Retargeted Muscle Fitting

The animation of realistic characters necessitates the construction of complicated anatomical structures such as muscles, which allow subtle shape variation of the character’s outer surface to be displayed believably. Unfortunately despite numerous efforts, the modelling of muscle structures is still left for an animator who has to painstakingly build up […]

Locomotion Skills for Insects with Sample-based Controller

Natural-looking insect animation is very difficult to simulate. The fast movement and small scale of insects often challenge the standard motion capture techniques. As for the manual key-framing or physics-driven methods, significant amounts of time and efforts are necessary due to the delicate structure of the insect, which prevents practical […]

Dynamic skin deformation using finite difference solutions for character animation

We present a new skin deformation method to create dynamic skin deformations in this paper. The core elements of our approach are a dynamic deformation model, an efficient data-driven finite difference solution, and a curve-based representation of 3D models. We first reconstruct skin deformation models at different poses from the […]