Publications – 2011


Motion sensitive anchor identification of least–squares meshes from examples

A least–squares mesh is a surface representation consisting of a small set of anchor points and the differential and topological properties of the surface. In this paper we present a novel method to identify motion sensitive anchor points for least–squares meshes from a set of examples. We present a new […]
By : jzhang | Sep 13, 2017

A Medical VR Simulator in Laparoscopic Rectum Surgery

In recent times, the development of minimally invasive techniques in clinic, such as laparoscopic and endoscopic surgeries, is remarkable. Compared with traditional open surgery, minimally invasive surgery (MIS) is less in surgical trauma, less post-operative pain and a shorter convalescence for patients. In the last ten years, in particular, laparoscopic […]
By : jzhang | Jan 21, 2017

Solid modelling based on sixth order partial differential equations

Although solid modelling based on partial differential equations (PDEs) has many advantages, such existing methods can either only deal with simple cases or incur expensive computational overheads. To overcome these shortcomings, in this paper we present an efficient PDE based approach to creating and manipulating solid models. With trivariate partial […]
By : jzhang | Jan 6, 2017